The new unit of Rede D’Or – Luxury Hospital Copa star

Hospital Copa star is one of the luxurious building in Brazil provides comfortable and satisfactory medical care. The area covered is 10,000 m² contains 150 beds, 105 rooms and 45 icus, diagnostic centres and nine operating rooms. The hospital is known for its high class and excellence patients services. The place is the combination of modern architecture, and cutting-edge technologies show that the world can experience the luxurious health care.
The Hospital Copa star is like a revolution in a medical field, the building and facilities are not less than any five-star hotel. The concept of building this star hospital is proving patients that hospital care is no longer relegates. Check more info at Hospital Copa Star.

Advanced Design and Architecture

The architect of the hospital is modern and advanced and makes with the focus to provide comfort to every patient who visits hospital premises. The project is undertaken by experienced architects who have contributes there 100 % to make this project successful. The high-class facilities for patients in the hospital have set a new level in the medical field.
The luxury hospital is compatible with 5-star hotels as both beliefs in providing world-class facilities and services to every visitor. The hospital is not only for the private patients, who can pay cash; in fact, the hospital is working on accepting all forms of payment and will also work on health insurance plans.
The Star Hospital is considered as the most modern and luxurious medical facilities in Brazil, aimed at public class. The luxurious environment of the Hospital makes patients recover fast from their illness and Surgery. The five-star hospital provides luxurious health care to patients, and it is a new idea for Rio de Janerio that patient can apply except right assistance, luxury accommodation at the deluxe hospital.
The premiere hospital featured with modern technologies and advanced diagnostic systems.

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